Backpack Beer Dispenser

5 - 11 - 15 - 19 - 22    Liter Version

We know the perfect beer to accompany your menu and budget. A refreshing, fresh squeezed juice? Or beerman backpack maybe a tingly , invigorating mineral water ? Our non-alcoholic drinks offer you a wide selection .

Backpack Beer Dispenser for street vending

 Inner insulated beverage dispenser with high quality insulation foam.   ability to dispense hot & cold non-carbonated drinks.   inner aluminium tank container with air-pressure valve Control   up to 3-gallons (us) or 11.4 litres capacity.   squeeze valve nozzle in chrome finishing with flow control for    optimum beverage dispensing.   wrapped insulated nozzle hose for professional dispensing with

 uninterrupted temperature flow.   cup dispenser at side in hardened acrylic material  for quick cup release.  signage compartment in velcro and clear transparent   vinly for best visibility and maximized visual. pressurized air pump with manometer for pressure input. waist and hip buckles for reduced weight Distribution   easy to operate and easy to clean. weight without liquid 5.5kg



What would beer backpack a stylish dining without the right wine ? 

Whether alcoholic or without parts per thousand - in you can rest assured that we carefully select our range of drinks , our purveyors and suppliers personally know beer backpack and serve our guests only the what we are self- confident .

Take food beer backpack and drink for their superior quality , exclusive flower arrangements and decorations from our own expert hand , technical equipment of the latest Generation.

Beer professional organization and one of the most beautiful locations exclusive caterer in the Welcome to the caterer and event services for the backpack special touch of personality and beer backpack creativity ! 

With great attention to detail and always with an eye for the essentials we organize beer your event. 
Behind is a well -established catering team who organized a candlelight dinner as well as a daytime event for hundreds of visitors perfectly . 

Tell us what you envision - we turn your ideas into reality!

Who loves beer-like, will be pleased with our special and "Down Without ", which we always serve with a perfect frothy head . 

Our apple juices of fine varieties of apples and how many more stand out from the usual refreshing flavors available in the catering . 

A variety of soft drinks, still and sparkling mineral water round off  backpack our drinks.
High priority for us and the backpack perfect beer combination of food and drink - your taste buds will be delighted! 

The best wines for your event Wine lovers will enjoy particularly good drops, which we refer exclusively from the following prestigious wineries : 

ingly Events For an evening beer of sparkling style we chose for champagne backpack from.
Fruit juices for long nights Selected beer backpack treats promise our backpack special fruit juice that has rich vitamins you through even the long night beer backpack.