Beer Backpack Mobile Vendor

Event Catering beer backpack dispenser man they are the perfect hosts. We accompany you from the idea to the realization of your event. Place the culinary management trust in our hands - so you have beerman head and hands free to care for your guests. Trust in our experience as your Partner.

Buffets, set menus and rolls drinks staff Delivery and construction Furniture , dishes, glasses beerman Organization and coordination Decoration, flowers, music .... For the benefit !

A good meal is accompanied by suitable beer backpack

We know the perfect beer to accompany your menu and budget. Do you need a refreshing, freshly squeezed juice? A beerman backpack or maybe a tingly invigorating mineral water? Our non-alcoholic drinks offer you a wide selection to choose from.

Event catering beer backpack dispenser man is the perfect hosts for your event. We accompany you from the idea phase to the realization of your event. Place the culinary management trust in our hands ― we have Beerman and backpack hands-free to care for your guests. Trust in our experience as your Partner.


Set menus and rolls drinks,

Staff delivery

Furniture and construction




Organization and coordination



Music.... For the benefit of guests!

We know the perfect beer to accompany your menu and budget. Do you need a refreshing, freshly squeezed juice? A beerman backpack or maybe a tingly invigorating mineral water? Our non-alcoholic drinks offer you a wide selection to choose from.

We know the right beer backpack dispenser that a perfectly successful event requires and not only culinary and decorative highlights. Unique catering for unique beer backpack events. We are happy to set the theme dispenser of your event for both the food supply and in the decoration.

 We leave nothing to chance: the food we use, the beer backpack dispenser which we get either from the market or directly from the supplier and internal suppliers we trust.

·         Inner insulated beverage dispenser with high-quality insulation foam.  

·         Ability to dispense hot & cold non-carbonated drinks.

·         Inner aluminum tank container with air-pressure valve control up to 3-gallons (us) or 11.4 litres capacity.

·         Squeeze valve nozzle in chrome finishing with flow control for optimum beverage dispensing.

·         wrapped insulated nozzle hose for professional dispensing with uninterrupted temperature flow.

·         Cup dispenser at the side in hardened acrylic material for quick cup release.

·         Signage compartment with Velcro and clear transparent vinyl for best visibility and maximized visual.

·         Pressurized air pump with a manometer for pressure input.

·         Waist and hip buckles for reduced weight distribution easy to operate and easy to clean.

·         Weight without liquid 5.5kg



Stirred or shaken ? A touch of the South Seas complacent ?

 Or even exquisite and unique cocktails, can be beerman hot not only the blast furnace ? 

Our Shaker waiting for their use . Healthy soft drinks are no more an obstacle for us how cocktails and mixed drinks. Ask us, we are happy to advise you ! 

This makes it really perfect ! We support you as a catering service with various services that are necessary for organizing an event. The holistic care - in addition to food and drink - your event is important to us . 

They support our competent consultants individually and jointly develop a beerman unique concept. 

We rely on our catering equipment on timeless classics. Innovative and trendy accents result from a suitable frame decoration, which will be agreed with our customers. 

For your event, you can also get all the accessories with us . So you have everything under one roof . 

We also rent high desks , chairs, tables , giant pans, wine cooler , convection ovens , ashtrays , vases , tablecloths , cloth beerman napkins.

Contact us for a free consultation . Catering at the highest emphasis on quality and freshness of the ingredients used. 

Also, the use of seasonal foods is a big concern for us. 

o event is like another and each beerbackpack dispenser culinary offerings perfectly tailored to the occasion.

The team around ensures that the big day runs smoothly and that both you and your guests are well looked after all around . 

So that you can concentrate fully on the beerbackpack dispenser success of your business meetings , we take care of ourselves for the physical well being of your business partners and business partners. 

Our catering beerbackpack  business has everything under control - from equipment and food and drink up to the attentive and discreet service dispenser Corporate event & Events Whether Christmas party , year-end , an anniversary or birthday. 

Whether press conference , product launch or successful beerbackpack dispenser exhibition . 
Whether your employees or customers, large event or celebration in the small frame. We have the perfect offer for you for each and every company celebration event. 
Our selection of artistically designed hot or cold snacks, the snacks or even design our Flying cocktail are just a few beerbackpack dispenser suggestions to help you leave a lasting impression. 
Here you can munch on before. For the next event to come. 

If you are looking for a suitable location for your event , we have compiled a selection of particularly good venues here . 
Of course, we are also available for all beer backpack other questions , requests and suggestions at any time via our inquiry form , email or phone avialable. Beerbackpack Dispenser Christmas Treat dispenser your employees and customers with our star buffet, gala buffet or a customized theme buffet . Your wishes and ideas are limitless. 

read more Seminar and beerbackpack dispenser Conference Surprisingly different . 

Whether receiving coffee, healthy coffee break, lunch buffet or our Flying cocktail - a full menu in the snack size - your seminar or conference is in good hands with us . read more press Conference Give your culinary press also vigorously . 

Our hot snacks such as crostini, skewers , quiches dispenser or wontons leave anyone cold. product beerbackpack Presentation Prove 

 Whether breakfast , menu, finger food or catering business - let it melt on your tongue our creations ! 

 Exceptional and with our ornate design snacks in culinary respects your creativity and your good taste trade fair Attract attention and invite your dispenser prospective customers to linger at your exhibition stand . 

Our artistically designed for finger food is just beerbackpack dispenser right .
So you can book our services in the areas of decoration , equipment and slipcovers same. You get everything from one source and thus achieve a brilliant composition! 

Note: this list is not exhaustive - we deal with preference unusual ideas into action .

Related to the certificate of origin the one that is required accordingly with the free trade agrement between Mexico and the European Union is the EUR.1 This is important beer backpack because otherwise I would have to pay taxes.

I have attached a copy of this certificate (also known as movement certificate). I would really appreciate if you could send to me as soon as posible this certificate. In the issue number 8 please write the  "customs tariff no. 8479" which accordingly with the mexican custom borders authorities is the one which corresponds to the items.

I am writing a copy of this message to my custom agent who is the one that requires me to have this document. Please if you have any doubt concerning to this don´t hesitate and ask him directly, his name is . This is due to the fact that he is the one responsable for the importantion process and he is also a  professional one  in the legal importation requirements. I will be following closely all the operation.

Our firm is from Slovakia and we realize promotion, sampling and other forms of sublink promotion for many slovakian customers.

Can you send us your price list? Especially we are interesting about your products for beer (kegs and keg´s accessories), coffee and cold drinks sampling.

Will you supply to New Zealand? We are looking to buy a unit to dispense hot beverages. Do you have a master NZ supplier? If not would you be interested in appointing one?

We are a retail establishment and we are looking for a distributor in the USA for your backpack drink dispensers. I have a customer that wants them shipped to Africa.

Any information you can supply us with will help.

interested in acquiring something like your product specifically for cold/iced beverages (like smoothies - in which case it may be fruit juice or coffee type drinks blended with ice to such a consistency that the ice is like snow and the resultant beverage is liquid).

Would your backpack products work for this specific application, obviously regular refills will need to be made from the main source. Can some stirring mechanism be implemented to mix the liquid constantly, even by hand (pump action or whatever, maybe by the same pump action which may dispense it into a cup? - i want to know about this because the icy bits tends to rise to the top and one would want to dispense a mixture of this colder part together with the bottom more flavoured part of the beverage)

Can you please send me as much as possible information about the various options available and technical details too if possible.


We are contacting you concerning some parts which we need for our Drink Backpacks " Beverage Tank":

We need 2 gas filling lines with filling valves for a 1,75 L CO2 cylinder which is to be connected directly to the tank. The line is to regulate the pressure from a CO2 Cylinder eg. 5 or 10 L. Moreover, we are interested in knowng, if you also have 1,75 L CO2 in stock?

Could you please give us prices and lead times? I hope everything is ok with you both and kids of course …

It’s been a long time ago and I was thinking about the fact that you did ‘nt hear something from me,

How are you and how is de business.  Started something new !!!

You can contact me via skype, please take a look at and very easy to download in a few minuts.

Totaly free phone via computer, my name is I use it myself for phonecalls to the US, Germany, France, Holland etc.

It is surely something for you and from now on you can phone me for free.

We are Bulgarian producer and seller of natural juices and ice tea.

We are interested of drink backpack dispenser, especially for non-carbonated drinks.

Please, give us an offer for backpack beer dispensers with different measures and specifications for use.

My name is , and  Iwork in a french company called  I would like to have more information about the way to rent beer backpack man or rocket towers, and about the

Prices. Do I have to deal with you in germany, or do you have contacts in France?

As you know IPH has received payment for your order which is pending dispatch. Unfortunately we are facing a production delay. It appears that one of the tools for the new model needs a small adjustment and we are working a fast as possible to resolve this. I will update you later this week.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you - I realise the urgency of your requirement.

I am the Manager Director of a small firm in Uruguay, South America. Could you please send me prices of the backpack drink dispenser I have seen on your website as well as catalogues?  What do I need in order to import the backpack to Uruguay?

I represent a UK based advertising firm, and I am considering purchasing one (or more) rocket pack portable beer dispensers for some promotional work we are doing; please could you indicate whether they are available in the UK, how much they cost and any detail economies of scale that may apply?

I have donde just a small correction in the pro froma invoice (name). You can verify in the attachment. Concerning to the color of the backpack cover it would be RED. We would make the money transfer as soon as possible which could be today or the next monday; that is going to be up to our bank. Once the transaction is done I would send to you an e-mail with the confirmation numbers.

How are you? It has been long time. Hope all is ok. First of all I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Karolina, I need to have an offer for  10 TWIN beer PACK Backpacks to be sent to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Need to know urgent form if some representative in South America exists.

Under which terms a commercial relation for the distribution of its equipement would settle down South America.

Beforehand tank you, as far as I know the payment (transfer) has already been done yesterday. Which mean that the dispatching of the goods should be done this year.

Please verify your bank account and meanwhile I would verify the confirmation transfer numbers in order to let you know.

With respect to the prices I need to know without are FOB and if they are in Euros.

I also would like to know the freight costs , date of delivery, and if it is possible for you to price according to my agreement with them.

The transfer has already been done I have the invoce of the operation. Please check your beer backpack bank account. Concerning to the pro forma invoce please remember the correction that has to be done before the proper invoce. It is also very important the certify of origin of all the products.

I hope that everithing is o.k. I am looking forward to receive the products here this month.

And I live in New Zealand. I am very interested in your Beer Towers and would like to be able to import them into New Zealand.

Do you have information and prices on them in a brochure format in English if possible?

I would be buying them in larger quantities, so do you have a wholesale division of your organisation